Discontinued Products

Products listed on this page have been discontinued and superseded by newer products.

Novatech does not put any time limit on supporting its older products. We will always do our best in providing technical assistance and information on discontinued and grandfathered products.

Newer products will benefit greatly from the process of continuing product development.

Oxygen Transmitters

1630 Series Transmitters

The 1630 series analyser went into manufacture in September 1995. Over the next 14 years the product evolved continuously to keep up with the changing requirements of various industries.

The 1630 series are officially superseded by the current range of 1730 series transmitters.

For new installations it is recommended to use the equivalent 1730 series transmitters.

1637 Oxygen / Carbon Dioxide Analyser
1632 Oxygen Transmitter

1637 Oxygen / Carbon Dioxide Analyser

1530 Series Analysers

Main production & sales of this analyser occurred between 1989 and 1995 after which it was superseded by the faster and more compact 1630 series. It is a testimony to their robust design that there are still many in operation throughout the world, although we can no longer provide any new spare parts.

There are no complete digital copies for any of these manuals as they were produced in the earliest days of desktop publishing.  What we do have in digital form is the formatted wording of most manuals missing many of the technical drawings.  For complete physical copies of these manuals or any other technical information please Contact Novatech Controls

HBC-43 Hot Bonding Controller

The HBC-43 Hot Bonding Controller was manufactured from 1994 through to 2003, after which it was discontinued and replaced with the HBC-4301. While the device is no longer sold Novatech provides ongoing product support where possible.

Product manuals and software available for download:

Data Acquisition

Novatech no longer markets any computer boards or data acquisition products.  Commencing in 2006 all product enquiries and support for existing customers was transferred to a separate locally based company.

For enquiries and support regarding any computer boards or data acquisition products please contact Firetail DAQ

For products not listed here please Contact Novatech Controls for support

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