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Notice to Chinese Customers Regarding Counterfeit Probes and Analysers

Recently it was brought to our attention that one particular Chinese manufacturer is marketing their own range of counterfeit oxygen probes and analysers using our company name and logo.  These products are not designed or manufactured by Novatech Controls, nor do they have our approval or endorsement.

The counterfeit products being sold are known to use inferior quality parts and sensors.

Novatech urges all customers in China to read the advisory notice attached below and to check that their probes and analysers are genuine.  If you have any concerns, please contact either of the two local Chinese distributors listed on our website.


近来我公司发现,一个中国西安无良公司正在使用我们的公司名称和标识销售他们自己的一系列假冒氧化锆探头和氧气分析仪。 这些产品不是由Novatech Controls设计或制造的,也没有得到我们的批准或认可。


Novatech敦促中国所有客户阅读下面的咨询通知,并检查他们的探头和分析仪是否正品。 如果您有任何疑问,请联系我们网站上列出的两家本公司认可中国总代理公司。


Christmas and New Years Closure

Novatech Controls would like to thank all of our distributors and customers for their continued support and business during 2017.

Our office will be closing for Christmas on Friday 22nd December 2017, reopening on Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

From all the team at Novatech, we wish everybody a safe and happy Christmas and New Years.