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Gas Analysers

1732 Dual Probe Oxygen Transmitter

Food Packaging Analyser

1737 Portable Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide Analyser

Oxygen Probes

1231 Heated In Situ Oxygen Probe

Hot Bonding Controller

HBC 4301A Multi Zone Hot Bonding Controller

About Novatech

Novatech Controls is an Australian owned and operated manufacturer of Oxygen Probes and Gas Analysers for a diverse range of applications.

We produce a range of oxygen probes for in-situ or extracted oxygen measurement, as well as a range of gas analysers able to measure and re-transmit oxygen and several other process related values in real-time.

Novatech Controls started operations in 1974 as a distributor for a major instrument manufacturer’s industrial controls division, mainly selling and servicing temperature and related furnace and boiler controls. In 1978, Novatech commenced the manufacture of thermocouples and RTDs for temperature sensing applications.

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Contact Us

Novatech Controls manufactures and services all of its products in south-eastern Melbourne, Australia.   We can be contacted directly during office hours below. Alternatively it may be easier to contact your local distributor.  Please check the Distributors page for further details.

309 Reserve Road
Australia 3192

Ph: +61 3 9585 2833
Fax: +61 3 9585 2844

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday*: 7:00am to 4:30pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
*except for public holidays

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