HBC Downloads

This page provides download links for manuals, drivers and software related to the HBC-4301 Hot Bonding Controller.

Windows Device Drivers

Click on the images below to download windows device drivers for the cable you are using.

HBC-4301 PC Interface for Microsoft Windows

The most recent versions of PC interface software are listed below for download.  If you are upgrading from an older version please ensure that you download the correct copy as there are minor technical differences between the two.

Product Manuals

There are two different revisions of the HBC-4301, please ensure you download the correct manual for hardware version that you have.

HBC-4301 Hot Bonding Controller

These manuals are for the first revision, model HBC-4301 which is most easily idenfied by the large character display.

HBC-4301a Hot Bonding Controller

These manuals are for the second revision, model HBC-4301a which is most easily identified by the graphical display.

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