Gas Analysers

Novatech produces a range of gas analysers tailored to several key industrial applications to support our range of oxygen probes.

The current range of gas analysers manufactured by Novatech are the product of over 30 years of ongoing refinement and development.  The current generation of devices benefit from extensive testing and experience, are robust in construction and operation while providing an extensive list of functions and options.

While all models calculate and display oxygen, each model is designed to incorporate specific functions and calculate and display process information most relevant to their particular application.  

Refer to our Model Selection Guide for a summary of standard applications and hardware recommendations.


Food Packaging Analysers


Oxygen Probes and Sensors

With over 30 years experience in the manufacturing and supporting Oxygen probes, we can provide expert advice on what will be suitable for your application.  Our probes are all built using the highest quality materials to meet the specific requirements of each application.

We supply oxygen probes with insertion lengths ranging from 250mm right up to 1500mm with many options to suit any application.

Water Vapour Probes & Analysers

1737 Water Vapour System

Probes developed specifically for use in high moisture environments.

See 1735 Water Vapour Transmitter


Hot Bonding Controllers


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