1737 Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide Analyser

1737 Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide Analyser

Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Measurement Made Simple

The 1737 Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide analyser is the third generation of MAP gas analysers from Novatech Controls.

The 1737 incorporates a novel zirconia oxygen sensor and an infrared CO₂ measuring cell. It brings a new level of automated gas sampling for the food and pharmaceutical industry by including features such as:

  • Bluetooth™ data uploads
  • 200 Product categories
  • Power or battery operation
  • Large graphic display
  • Performs automatic zero calibration when reading ambient air
  • Data memory for 3700 measurements

The 1737 analyser comes with a variety of gas measurement ranges that covers oxygen from <0.1% to 100%, and the option of CO₂.
The sample gas flow rate is measured using a true mass flow sensor and allows the 1737 to maintain a constant flow rate and alarm if there is a blockage.
The Novatech 1737 Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Analysers are especially suited to food and beverage applications including:

  • Head space analysis in closed packages
  • Head space analysis in cans
  • Continuous process measurement

Accuracy and Reliability

The oxygen and carbon dioxide sensors provide accurate and virtually drift-free measurement for years. The oxygen sensor is automatically zeroed whenever the sample is from ambient air.
The carbon dioxide is also zeroed whenever the sample is from ambient air and uses a simple keyboard operation for the span calibration.

Product Categories

The 1737 allows entry of up to 200 products by name and product number, entered from the instrument keypad or from a computer. Selecting a product automatically enables the preset alarm levels for the gas concentration and the measured results are stored in sets with a date/time stamp. The data can be transferred easily without errors or missed readings to a computer using the Novatech software in CSV (comma separated variable) format straight into the common spreadsheet applications. The software is provided free of charge.

Automatic Operation

The operator does not need to touch the analyser once the product has been selected. Every time the sample gas returns to ambient air the alarm levels are checked, the minimum/maximum measurements are stored and the display is updated.
The analyser can then be brought to within 10m of the computer, a button can be clicked on the PC and the data will be transferred by the radio link. It is not necessary to plug a communication cable into the analyser.
Tailor the analyser to the application

The Novatech 1737 analysers are available for oxygen only, or for both CO₂ and oxygen with two oxygen ranges. The instruments can be selected with a pump where samples need to be aspirated, and with accessories (see reverse side) including:

  • Metal can piercing tool
  • Hypodermic needles for plastic packs
  • Septum
  • Filters for dry particulate
Measuring Range
Oxygen <0.1 to 25% or <5% to 96%
CO₂ 0 to 100%
Oxygen (25-96%) +/- 2% of the reading
Oxygen (10-25%) +/- 0.05% oxygen
Oxygen (0.1-10.0%) +/- 0.01% oxygen
CO₂ (0-40%) +/- 1.5% CO₂
CO₂ (40-95%) +/- 2% CO₂
Oxygen 30.0 to 96.0% 0.1%
1.00 to 29.99% 0.01%
0.001 to 0.999% 0.001%
CO₂ 0.1 to 100% 0.1%
Head Space Volume
Oxygen, sample flow 50cc/m
1% to 10% 15cc
Oxygen, sample flow 150cc/m
1% to 10% 30cc
CO₂, sample flow 150cc/m
1% to 40% 20cc
Warm-Up Time
Oxygen and CO₂ 1 minute
Gas Sample Flow Range
Automatic control 50 to 250cc/min
Manual control 30 to 350cc/min
Gas Connection
1/8″ Swagelok tube connection
Data transfer Bluetooth™ to PC
Power Supply
Voltage 12VCD
Current 1.8A max. (batteries on fast charge)
0.8A max. (batteries on trickle charge)
Type 7x AA (2400mAh)
Battery Life 1.5 hours fully charged
Ambient temperature -20°C to +35°C
Ambient humidity 10 to 90% non-condensing
IP Rating IP54
Ordering Information
Models with oxygen only measurement:
1737-1   O₂: 0.1 to 25%
1737-3   O₂: 0.1 to 96%
Models with O₂ and CO₂ measurement:
1737-1C   O₂: 0.1 to 25%
CO₂: 0.1 to 100%
1737-3C   O₂: 0.1 to 96%
CO₂: 0.1 to 100%
280mm x 170mm x 115mm
(11″ x 6.7″ x 4.5″)
Analyser 2kg  (4.9lb)
Power Pack 0.5kg  (1.1lb)
Metal can piercing tool 1737-hard-case
Hypodermic syringe for plastic packs
Septum – silicon strip
Filters for dry particulate & condensate
Sample lines
Rugged carry-case
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