1637 Mk II Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide Analyser

1637 Mk II Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide Analyser

Food Packaging Analyser

The 1637-Mk II Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Analyser is designed for testing the head space in food packaging and other Modified Atmosphere Packaging applications.

Using a hypodermic needle to pierce the packaging, this device extracts a small gas sample, quickly measuring and displaying Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide concentration.

Built to be simple to use, while at the same time providing accurate readings of gas concentration levels. Designed as an evolution from the previous generation of food packaging analysers, this device builds on the reliability earned through of many years of experience, updated with features expected of a current generation device.

This instrument incorporates Novatech’s own Zirconia ceramic Oxygen sensor, paired with a NDIR CO₂ measuring cell.

Both oxygen and carbon dioxide sensors provide accurate and rapid readings, capable of measuring gas concentration in under 10 seconds.  This allows for accurate samples even when limited head space is available for testing.


The Bluetooth® functionality allows for the device to be configured and monitored wirelessly from a PC running the provided Bluetooth® PC Interface.  It also allows the device’s sample history to be quickly downloaded to PC for review and archiving.

This analyser has a comprehensive list of features, including:

  • Sample logging to internal memory
  • Bluetooth® connection to PC
  • Low or high gas contenctration alarm thresholds
  • Large display showing Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide in real time
  • Accurate, rapid response Zirconia O₂ sensor: 1ppm to 100%
  • NDIR CO₂ sensor, 0 to 100%
  • Annual re-calibration

This analyser is designed for either ‘sample and hold’ measurement of modified atmosphere packaging, or can be plumbed for continuous monitoring.  When plumbed for continuous monitoring the device also has several programmable outputs;

  • 4x field programmable output relays
  • 2x fully isolated range programmable 4-20mA outputs
  • Live monitoring via Bluetooth®

The Novatech 1637-Mk II Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Analysers are ideal for:

  • Head-space analysis in closed packages
  • Head-space analysis in cans
  • Inert and sterile packaging
  • Continuous process measurement

Accuracy and Reliability

The Oxygen sensor used in the Novatech food packaging analyser is built by Novatech Controls using a unique and patented process that makes them highly robust and accurate.  It is automatically calibrated in ambient air and requires no special tools or gas bottles to maintain accuracy.

The zirconia ceramic technology has been used extensively in many industries for over 20 years. Developed by the CSIRO, the sensor provides virtually drift-free measurement for many years of operation.

The Carbon Dioxide sensor has been developed by Novatech and has been used in several generations of gas analysers. It uses the principles of non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) spectroscopy to detect CO₂ concentration in real-time. The sensor is capable of measuring CO₂ concentration over the full range of 0% to 100% CO₂ with ±3% accuracy.  The CO₂ sensor automatically adjusts for several environmental factors, which allows it to remain accurate in different working environments.

Calibration and Certification

Each Novatech food packaging analyser is issued with a factory calibration certificate for quality assurance purposes.  The certificate is valid for 12 months upon issue and provides information showing that it has been evaluated and has passed all test related to accuracy, repeatability and response.

Each food package analyser is required to be re-certified every 12 months by a qualified calibration specialist.  Details of companies qualified to perform re-certification will be provided by the distributor of the device.

Sample History Stored to Internal Memory

Every sample taken with the analyser is automatically stored to internal memory, complete with date & time and product category.  This sample history cannot be altered or tampered with, and can easily be recalled for quality assurance.

The analyser keeps a rolling log of the last 3680 samples, automatically overwriting the oldest samples once it runs out of memory.  The sample history can be viewed via the local display, or can be downloaded directly to a PC via the Bluetooth® PC Interface, where it can then be exported to any spreadsheet for review and archiving.

Product Categories

The 1637-Mk II allows up to 200 unique product categories to be programmed into the analyser, complete with a meaningful description and alarm thresholds for both O₂ and CO₂ concentration.  The operator can quickly switch between product categories using the keypad.

Using product categories allows the device to be rapidly re-configured for different products or production lines, allowing one device to be used for multiple purposes.  Samples taken will also have product identification attached to them in the sample history to simplify data collection and review.

Products are programmed into the device either using the local keypad, or via the Bluetooth® PC Interface.

Customise the Analyser to Your Specific Application

The Novatech 1637-Mk II Analyser is available in various configurations and with several application specific accessories. The analyser can be supplied without the Carbon Dioxide sensor or can be added as an option at a later date. For applications using the analyser in Continuous Sample systems the analyser can be supplied with or without an internal sample pump.

Accessories available by request include:

  • Metal can piercing tool
  • Hypodermic needles for plastic packs
  • Septum
  • Filters for particulate and moisture
1637 Mk II Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide Analyser Case

Oxygen Range

  • 1 part per million (ppm) to 100%

Oxygen Response Time

  • <4 seconds with gas flow of 100cc per minute

Oxygen Accuracy

  • ±1% of actual measured value
  • ±0.5% repeatability measured value

Oxygen Display Resolution

  • 30.0 to 100%  ± 0.1%
  • 1.00 to 29.99%:  ± 0.01%
  • 100 to 10,000ppm  ± 1ppm
  • 0.1 to 99.9ppm  ± 0.1ppm

CO₂ Range

  • 0 to 100%

CO₂ Response Time

  • <8 seconds with gas flow of 100cc per minute

CO₂ Accuracy

  • 0 to 40%  ± 2%
  • 40 to 80%  ± 3%
  • 80 to 100%  ± 5%

Gas Connection

  • 1/8″ Swagelok tube connection


  • BlueTooth® Wireless

Analog Outputs*

  • Two isolated, linearised 4-20mA DC, 1000ohm max
  • Four user programmable alarm relays

Alarm Relays*

  • 4 isolated programmable, failsafe (active open)
  • 2A/240VAC, 2A/30VDC

Mains Voltage Supply

  • 85 to 265VAC 50/60Hz

Mains Power

  • 115W continuous, 500W maximum instantaneous

Warm Up Time

  • 5 minutes

Environmental Rating

  • Without CO₂:  0 to 50°C (32 to 120°F)
  • With CO₂:  0 to 45°C (32 to 110°F)
  • Relative Humidity:  5% to 95% (non-condensing)


  • 265 x 150 x 350mm (10.5″ x 6″ x 13.75″)


  • 6Kg ( 13.2lbs)


  • Desktop

Ordering Information

Model Measurement Pump
1637-1 Oxygen Yes
1637-2 Oxygen No
1637-5 Oxygen & CO₂ Yes


  • Metal can piercing tool
  • Hypodermic syringe for plastic packs
  • Septum – silicon strip
  • Filters for particulate and moisture
  • Sample Lines
  • Rugged Carry-Case

* only available in continuous sampling mode

For information regarding the previous 1637 Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Analyser refer to the Discontinued Products page

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